What Causes Window Rot?

CAUSES OF WINDOW ROT Window rot, also known as wood rot or window frame rot, is typically caused by prolonged exposure to moisture. Here are some common causes of window rot: Water infiltration: Water can seep into the window frame through gaps, cracks, or poorly sealed joints, especially during heavy rain or snow. Condensation: Excessive […]

What Are Double Glazed Windows?

Double-glazed windows, also called double-pane windows, have two layers of glass or panes with a small space in between, usually filled with air or gas. Here are the main benefits: Better insulation: They help your home maintain a comfortable temperature in the winter and summer by reducing heat transfer. Enjoy warm winters and cool summers […]

Why Your Window Is Leaking From The Top

A window could be leaking from the top for several reasons: Improper installation: If the window wasn’t installed correctly, gaps or misalignments could allow water to seep through. Worn or damaged seals: The seals around the window may have deteriorated or been damaged, allowing water to penetrate. Flashing issues: The flashing, which is designed to direct water away […]

Why Won’t My Door Shut?

6 Reasons Why Your Door Isn’t Closing Properly There are several reasons why a door might not shut properly: • Misaligned door or frame: If the door or the door frame is out of alignment, the latch may not properly engage with the strike plate, preventing the door from closing fully. • Warped door: Changes in […]