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No, we do not. We are a construction company that focuses on remodeling of existing projects or buildings.


The cost of construction projects can vary widely for several reasons. First and foremost is material cost. The cost of materials can vary between several hundreds of several thousands of dollars. The cost of materials at times can go up or down by a lot and do so on weekly or monthly intervals. That combined with cost of running a business, responsibility of the installed product, profit margins, and several other factors is what can lead to an increased cost. If you notice a problem on your property, it is better to get it fixed sooner rather than later as the price only goes up the more damaged that happens

Vinyl Siding is a plastic product. Proper installation calls for up different gap widths depending on the product type to ensure proper expansion and contraction during weather changes. If you do not do this, the material will pop off, bubble up, and create an undesirable appearance.

Although fiber cement is not a plastic product, it still expands and contracts similar to Vinyl. All gaps are followed to code and are required for proper installation. In Fiber Cement applications, most gaps during installation are caulked with sealant that allow for expansion and contraction, and finished with paint.

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