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Vinyl Siding and fiber cement siding.

D5, D4, Insulated, beaded, board and batten, shake, etc.

Replacement windows and New Construction windows.

Egress windows, double and single hung windows, picture windows, casement, awning, double windows, triple windows, etc.

Entry doors, patio doors, screen doors, storm doors, interior doors, etc.


Hardie plank/fiber cement.

Fiber cement panels that are overlapped, then caulked. Requires painting and more expensive. Comes in a variety of option. Boxing will also be hardie or hardie products. Does not typically use aluminum for any wrapping for basic installation. Also comes in colour plus options, where the panels are painted prior to installation, and installation is finished product. Cannot be easily removed to check for damage underneath, and any repair requires the panel to be removed and a new one installed then painted.

*Product will have up to 1/4 inch gap for expansion and contraction, filled with caulking*

Vinyl siding

Hard plastic product that contracts and expands. Cheaper than hardie plank siding by a wide margin. Does not require caulking at seams or corners such as hardie. Boxing is used with vinyl products and then cased with aluminum trim coil. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors. Vinyl siding also has the options of insulation installed on the back of it, beaded vinyl siding, regular D5 siding, and a ton of other products. Product clicks to the panel below it and then nailed on. Checking underneath or replacing a panel requires to unhook the panel, check and/or replace it of similar color, and product is finished.

*Product will have up to 1/4 inch gap covered by corners or channel for expansion and contraction of material*

Hardie plank/fiber cement.

Aluminum trim coil is used to wrap wood. Window casing, garage doors, door casing, etc. This product is intended to cover bare wood to create a barrier between the wood and moisture, and create a sleek look. Product is caulked around all gaps and seams. Due to the product being metal, you are unable to bend it around round objects or items. Comes in a variety of colors, as well as textured wood grain or smooth metal.

Vinyl siding

When we say “boxing”, we are referring to the overhang portions of your home. This includes soffit, fascia, freeze. Installed with either vinyl or fiber cement. All fiber cement products without paint will require painting including the boxing, but vinyl boxing will be cased in aluminum (fascia and freeze) or vinyl siding with your choice of color.

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