Window rot, also known as wood rot or window frame rot, is typically caused by prolonged exposure to moisture. Here are some common causes of window rot:

  • Water infiltration: Water can seep into the window frame through gaps, cracks, or poorly sealed joints, especially during heavy rain or snow.
  • Condensation: Excessive condensation on the interior of the window can lead to moisture buildup, which can contribute to wood rot over time.
  • High humidity: High humidity levels, especially in poorly ventilated areas, can accelerate the growth of fungi and bacteria that cause wood decay.
  • Lack of maintenance: Failure to maintain and seal windows regularly can allow water to penetrate the wood, leading to rot.
  • Leaking gutters or downspouts: Water overflowing from clogged gutters or poorly positioned downspouts can splash onto window frames, causing moisture damage.
  • Poorly designed or installed windows: Windows that are not properly designed or installed may be more prone to water infiltration and rot.

To prevent window rot, it’s important to ensure that windows are properly installed, regularly inspected for signs of damage, and well-maintained. Proper ventilation and controlling indoor humidity levels can also help reduce the risk of moisture-related issues.

What To Do If Your Window Has Dry Rot

If a window has dry rot, the affected wood should be carefully removed and replaced. Begin by assessing the extent of the damage and removing all rotted wood. To strengthen the wood, treat with a wood hardener, like Minwax. Then, fill the damaged areas with an epoxy wood filler. Sand the repaired areas smooth and paint or seal them to protect against future moisture damage. Regular maintenance and keeping the window well-sealed can help prevent dry rot from recurring.

Sometimes, rotten window frames are beyond repair, or can even be made worse if repaired wrong. We’ve been repairing windows for many years and are OSI Certified Installers. We’ll make sure your rotten windows are taken care of, whether that’s a simple repair or a full replacement. 

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