A window could be leaking from the top for several reasons:

  1. Improper installation: If the window wasn’t installed correctly, gaps or misalignments could allow water to seep through.
  2. Worn or damaged seals: The seals around the window may have deteriorated or been damaged, allowing water to penetrate.
  3. Flashing issues: The flashing, which is designed to direct water away from the window, may be missing, improperly installed, or damaged.
  4. Clogged weep holes: Weep holes are designed to allow water to drain out from the window frame. If they are clogged, water can accumulate and leak inside.
  5. Roof or gutter problems: Water from a leaking roof or overflowing gutters can run down the wall and enter through the top of the window.
  6. Cracks or gaps: There may be cracks or gaps in the wall or window frame that allow water to enter.

Besides the annoyance of having a leaky window, the potential for water damage and mold growth is a serious concern. Water can begin collecting in your walls, floors, and baseboards, fostering mold growth over time. It’s crucial to have a leaking window addressed as soon as it’s noticed to prevent future and more expensive problems down the line.

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A leaky window can cause all sorts of headaches for home and business owners and is something that should be taken a look at immediately if given the opportunity. Mason Family Construction specializes in window repair and replacement. We can take a look at your leaking window and make sure you’re prepared for North Carolina’s unpredictable weather. Contact us today!

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