6 Reasons Why Your Door Isn't Closing Properly

There are several reasons why a door might not shut properly:

Misaligned door or frame: If the door or the door frame is out of alignment, the latch may not properly engage with the strike plate, preventing the door from closing fully.

 Warped door: Changes in humidity or temperature can cause a wooden door to warp, preventing it from fitting properly into the frame.

 Loose hinges: If the hinges are loose, the door may sag and not align properly with the frame, preventing it from closing.

 Obstruction: Something may be obstructing the door’s path, such as a rug, furniture, or an object caught in the door frame.

 Worn-out hardware: The door latch, strike plate, or hinges may be worn out, preventing the door from closing properly.

 Paint or finish buildup: Over time, paint or finish buildup on the door or the frame can prevent the door from closing properly.

Inspecting these areas and making any necessary adjustments or repairs should help resolve the issue.


Who Can Fix My Door?

Mason Family Construction specializes in fixing doors, especially those that won’t shut properly. Our experienced team can quickly identify the issue, whether it’s misalignment, warping, loose hinges, or other problems, and provide efficient solutions. We ensure that your doors will be restored to proper working condition, guaranteeing functionality and security for your home or business. Contact us today to learn more about how Mason Family Construction can help with your door repair needs!

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